Bootie Brown Showcases Stylish Funk And Soul Via Single ‘Suddenly’

Bootie Brown has, over the years, established himself as a master of metamorphosis. From his roots in shaping the non-gangster West Coast sound to his exploratory dives into electronic music, Brown is a storyteller. His latest tale, ‘Suddenly’, from his ambitious ‘UltraHipFunkWave’ project, epitomizes his ability to weave past legacies with future ambitions.

The sound of “Suddenly” is smooth and groovy. Yet, it’s more than just feel-good music. The fusion of funk and RnB with electronic nuances captures the very essence of what Bootie Brown represents: constant evolution. Collaborations have played a key role in his journey, with names like Gorillaz and Tame Impala dotting his expansive resume. Tracks like “New Gold” offer a glimpse into his ever-expanding sonic universe.

The collaboration with Amy Correa Bell and the co-production efforts of Les Les enrich this song. Bootie Brown’s continuous experimentation ensures that even as he pays homage to iconic tracks like “Passin’ Me By”, he is unafraid to foray into new territories. The promise of a remix in the upcoming weeks is yet another like to look forward to in this story.

In “Suddenly”, Bootie Brown invites us, once again, to join him on a journey – to embrace the past, be in the present, and anticipate the future.

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