Stoned Level And FutureExit Collab On Bass-Fueled Banger, ‘Dead Walk’

Festival season has finally arrived, which also means it is the best time of the year for new releases. Showing out for the bass scene, innovative artists, Stoned Level and FutureExit have teamed up on their breathtaking new single, “Dead Walk”. The track is an optimal fit for its featured label, Kannibalen Records, as it is guaranteed to incite mosh pits.

“Dead Walk” wastes no time strapping its audience in on an auditory rollercoaster. A tantalizing female vocals lead is accompanied by electrifying soundscapes, bridging together space and future technology. Balancing out her lyrics, another invigorating vocalist arrives, leading into a massive first buildup. Suddenly, a hectic sequence of loops, percussive samples, and chill effects take center stage. As expected, what comes after is a colossal drop of riddim.

It only takes one play through “Dead Walk” to realize how special these two producers are. Merging their signature styles and creative artistic vision, Stoned Level and FutureExit forge an anthem that will have people waiting in line to grab the rails. This is just the beginning of a stellar year for Stoned Level, as he readies himself for Forbidden Kingdom, Bass Canyon, and a bunch of other upcoming performances.