Summon Luke Shows Off Alt-Pop/Rock Sensibilities With ‘Conjure’

Summon Luke, an emerging artist from Columbus, Ohio, is carving a niche for himself in the music scene with his eclectic mix of alternative pop, rock, and a hint of electronic industrial flair. Known for his knack for storytelling and creating immersive soundscapes, Luke’s music often draws from sci-fi and fantasy, giving his work a distinct edge. His latest single, ‘Conjure,’ is a fresh addition to his growing repertoire, to say the least.

Throughout 2023, Luke has been on a creative spree, releasing a series of EPs and singles that explore new emotional depths. The emotions and stories he weaves into each track is one of many elements that stands out. Take ‘Caroline,’ for example, where he ventured into the more shadowy corners of alternative rock, giving us just a glimpse of his range and depth.

‘Conjure,’ is less about the technicalities and more about the vibe it creates – a mix of melancholy and a showcase of his impressive vocal range, reminiscent of greats like Brandon Flowers.

But what truly hits the head on the nail is his ability to blend inspirations. In ‘Conjure,’ you can hear echoes of The Killers and Kings of Leon, yet it’s unmistakably his own. The track has this shoegaze-like quality with its electric guitars and the rhythmic pulse of the drums, but it’s the emotion in Luke’s voice that really draws you in.

Inspired by concepts like M83’s ‘Saturdays = Youth,’ particularly the ethereal feel of ‘Graveyard Girl,’ ‘Conjure’ there’s more depth in this music than one may give credit for. It’s a love song, but on Luke’s terms – unconventional, layered, and emotionally resonant.

As an artist, Summon Luke stands out for his willingness to push boundaries and experiment with his sound. ‘Conjure’ is just the latest chapter in what promises to be an exciting and inspiring musical experience for Summon Luke and his listeners.