Sync-Focused Label Position Music Signs Biometrix and Nat James’s Latest Bass Anthem ‘Heavy Artillery’

Biometrix and Nat James’s latest collaboration, “Heavy Artillery,” stands the perfect blend of these two successful artists’ styles . Unveiled on Position Music, this track is characterized by its robust bass lines and assertive hip-hop lyricism, establishing itself not merely as a piece of music but as a potent force within its field.

The art of “Heavy Artillery” lies not in its components but in its harmonic blend—the thunderous fusion of deep bass and sharp hip-hop verses. It’s a piece that doesn’t just speak to you; it grabs you by the collar and demands your attention. Crafted for those times when you crave a dose of high-voltage energy, it’s the musical equivalent of a double espresso shot at dawn.

This track, standing tall at the forefront of the upcoming TAKE EM ALL EP, is both a promise and a preview. Each drop, carries a rawness that’s as refreshing as it is rare – the song carves out its own space in the foreground of one’s mind, leaving a permanent memory.

As the lead single, “Heavy Artillery” sets the expectation: this EP, not out in-full yet, teases that it isn’t just about tracks you listen to; it’s about tracks that take you to a different plane. It’s a sound palpable to the degree where you can almost touch the electricity it generates.

Position Music, renowned for its innovative strategy, actively promotes its artists to high-profile brand-name clients for sync-opportunities, significantly surpassing the typical offerings of standard dance labels with its impactful and extensive reach.

In a relaxed yet resounding manner, “Heavy Artillery” serves as a musical banner under which fans can rally. It’s a call to the floor, a beacon for bass heads, and a sign that Biometrix and Nat James have no problem pushing the limits. As for what’s coming next, one can only anticipate that the full EP will follow suit, delivering an arsenal of tracks that resonate and reverberate.