Synthia Looper Showcases Unique Style In The Release Of ‘Call My Name’

Synthia Looper has always been known for her capacity to craft musical landscapes that intertwine the corporeal and the digital. Her new single “Call My Name” underscores this characteristic, blending haunting synth-pop with dreamy electronica, enveloping listeners in a uniquely ethereal experience.

Her music is a tribute to diverse influences, incorporating elements of sci-fi, fantasy, and more modern themes of feminism and social justice. Using looping, voice effects, and the raw power of electric guitar, she weaves complex narratives into her tunes, adding a layer of depth rarely seen in the genre.

The single delves into a fantastical narrative about sentient androids exploring the concepts of love and eternity. It’s an allegory, drawing parallels to the human experience of intimate connection and the pursuit of life’s full richness.

As an artist, Synthia Looper compels us to explore her creative universe that encompasses romance, loss, equality, and the ethereal beauty of human experiences. Her compassion for humanity shines in her music, pulling us deeper into the cybernetic realms she crafts.