The Power Couple of Dance Music: The Two Fake Blondes Unveil ‘Holy Spirit Lead’

In today’s electronic music sphere, The Two Fake Blondes, consisting of the dynamic duo Hannah Mac and Petey Mac, embody a striking fusion of passion and melody. This husband and wife tandem has rapidly carved a niche for themselves, blending uplifting lyrics with compelling dance beats.

Their notable achievements include significant airplay on SiriusXM and c89.5, alongside impressive editorial nods from Spotify, culminating in over 1 million streams across various platforms.Their latest offering, “Holy Spirit Lead,” ushers in 2024 with a vibrant mix of faith and rhythm.

Originating from their experiences in leading worship, the track has evolved from a humble acoustic piece into a full-blown dance anthem. This unique blend aims to connect deeply with listeners, merging the essence of spiritual devotion with the energy of electronic music.

The Two Fake Blondes’ journey through music has been marked by a series of impactful moments, from supporting National Suicide Prevention Month with their track “Lifeline” to releasing their debut album “Out Of The Darkness,” a reflective piece born out of 2020’s trials. Their work has not only garnered attention from the electronic music community, including endorsements from industry titans like Don Diablo and Steve Aoki, but also cemented their status as artists who transcend genres for a cause.

As they continue to navigate the electronic music landscape with “Holy Spirit Lead,” The Two Fake Blondes invite their audience into a space where melody meets meaning, offering a sanctuary of sound that inspires and uplifts.