Adam Pearce And Dani King Depict Pure Connection With Melodic Bass Love Ballad “Align”

Vancouver native Adam Pearce is reconnecting with L.A-based singer-songwriter Dani King for an emotive ballad.

“Align” is a powerful melodic bass offering that arrives on SLANDER’s Heaven Sent imprint. The single builds off the chemistry they established on their collaboration in 2022, “Pieces.”

A beautiful ballad built upon the gravitational force of undeniable love, “Align” is an ode to pure connection. The track sees the stars aligning for two fateful lovers who have been trying to deny the inevitable. Unfluring guitar licks roll over emotive trance-infused textures and stirring hums. Dani King’s vocals are emboldened with passion, as she pushes through the obstacles and objections to give in to the magnetic pull of true love. Delightful piano keys dance throughout as carefully placed percussion builds intensity. As the namesake vocals drift into the scene, the track swells into an epic release of pure delight, mixing sweet undulating synths with soul-stirring low-end and delicate harmonics. Blurring the bounds between stunning and sultry, emotional and inspiring, “Align” finds the perfect balance.

Pulling back the curtain on the creation process, Adam Pearce opens up about the new single: “When showing Dani the idea, it was like clicking a puzzle piece into place; her ideas and mine blended immediately and we both knew we had something there. To me, the song is about pure connection with another person, when we sometimes deny it or hide from our emotions, they can inevitably be there. On top of that, getting to work again with SLANDER’s record label Heaven Sent is always incredible, SLANDER has been such a huge support, as well as an inspiration to myself and my art. ‘Align’ is my second original song I’ve made with Dani, and it’s always a pleasure working together!”

Dani King expands on the collaboration and how it was the perfect fit, saying, “I am a big believer that every topline has a home, sometimes it just has to wait to be claimed and ‘Align’ was one of those songs. I wrote this topline in 2017 with my friend Max Hurrell, and it happened to fit perfectly over Adam’s beautiful instrumental. I was so excited that Adam loved the song, it came together so easily for both of us.”

Born and bred in Vancouver, Adam Pearce is a genre-defying producer blending trance, progressive house, and dubstep with an unmistakable melodic bass sound. He’s no stranger to the label, with previous releases “For The First Time” and “Dreamers” earning radio support from Zeds Dead, Mazare, and Farhang. Adam has become a favorite amongst tastemakers, as well, drawing support from Zedd, Alison Wonderland, Arty, and more.

Originally hailing from Chicago, Dani King is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who has been making her mark in the dance music scene. Boasting a long list of collaborations, she has worked with top-tier talent including Bear Grillz, Tsu Nami, Sully, Highlnd, Whales, and Rebel Scum.

“Align” harnesses the power of undeniable love for a gripping melodic bass ballad.

Adam Pearce & Dani King’s new single “Align” is available on all platforms via Heaven Sent.