Darby Taps Into Trepidation With Melodic-Tinged UKG Single “TRUST” Featuring Britt Lari

Melbourne-based producer Darby has been bridging the gap between pop and electronic music with a thrilling genre-defying signature.

Joining forces with Los Angeles-based songstress Britt Lari comes the addictive club anthem “TRUST.” The track marks the debut of both artists on NIGHTMODE, and arrives as part of the label’s 13th season of releases.

“TRUST” is the perfect mixture of catchy crossover feels and darker UK bassline-driven drops. Opening with ethereal pads, twinkling tones, and circular piano chords, Darby creates a dreamy soundbed that is enhanced by Britt Lari’s silky-smooth vocals. While the lyrics are dipped in trepidation, there’s an undeniable magnetism that’s too tempting to resist. The push and pull of passion versus logic plays out in sonic form, moving from addictive and upbeat vibes before transitioning into the murky UKG drops. The questioning vocal unwinds into hammering basslines, laser-laden synths, emotive vocal chops, and vibrant flourishes. Carefully crafted percussion drives the track between the different dimensions. “TRUST” serves as a blueprint for effortlessly blending pop appeal with heavy-hitting club sounds at the highest level.

Riding high off collaborations with Juuku, Tails, and Slippy, plus remixes for ODESZA, IMANU, and San Holo, Darby exponentially increases his momentum with “TRUST.” It should come as no surprise that the artist is quickly becoming a favorite amongst tastemakers drawing support from heavyweights like Illenium, Alison Wonderland, and SLANDER.

“TRUST is a raw devotion to the music—an unfiltered surrender to an irresistible external force. My recent immersion into UK and Australian Club culture has deeply influenced my recent sound, think intense rhythms, blaring basslines, and overall connectedness. It was a dream to get Britt’s vocals on this track and she fully delivered, I know listeners will get a massive kick out of how the melodic intro blends into an aggressive drop.”—Darby