Monika Santucci Unveils New Single, ‘Gone in the Morning’ Featuring Mark Dreamer

Los Angeles-based artist Monika Santucci is a triple threat who’s leaving her stamp across the electronic music sphere as a producer, vocalist, and songwriter.

Making her return to Heaven Sent comes “Gone in the Morning,” alongside Polish producer Mark Dreamer.

“Gone in the Morning” is a reflective ballad that shines a light on the revolving door of modern-day romance. Built around Monika Santucci’s angelic vocals, the passion and pain of the turn-and-burn phases of dating are on full display. Uncertainty lingers throughout as she longs for a deeper connection while knowing that the feeling is fleeting. Meandering guitar riffs and ethereal pads create a dreamlike backdrop peppered with hints of hope. As the emotional hook hits, the drums envelope into a sweeping emotional release driven by staccato synth leads, touching vocal chops, and driving percussion. It’s a push and pull between pleasure and pain that plays like a sultry dance where the steps are all too familiar.

Monika Santucci opens up about the meaning of the single, saying, “‘Gone in the Morning’ is about the fleeting nature of relationships in modern day when, at the core of it, most of us are yearning for a deeper level and eternal love.”

The track builds on the chemistry displayed between Monika Santucci and Mark Dream from their first collaboration, “I’ll Wait For You,” released at the top of 2024.

Los Angeles-based artist Monika Santucci has been making her talents known across the melodic bass, trance, drum & bass, and pop worlds. The producer, singer, and songwriter has been on a steady ascent since her breakout hit “Deep Blue” with William Black, which garnered over 20 million streams. She made her debut on Heaven Sent in 2021 with “Hologram Tears” alongside Papa Khan, earning radio support from Alison Wonderland and NGHTMRE and SLANDER. The ever-expanding talent is hot off a stellar performance at EDC Las Vegas last month.

“Gone in the Morning” is an all-too relatable melodic bass ballad that paints the pains and pitfalls of modern-day romance with vivid color.

Monika Santucci’s new single “Gone in the Morning” featuring Mark Dreamer is available on all platforms via Heaven Sent.