The Sizzos Unveil New Singles Series: ‘Vol. 1’ Debuts with ‘Wooden Bridge’ and ‘Lizard Skin’

The Sizzos, led by George Zaninovich from Eugene, OR, have launched a new project titled ‘Vol. 1 of the Singles Series’. This release includes the A-side track “Wooden Bridge” and the B-side “Lizard Skin”. George Zaninovich, an accomplished singer-songwriter with two decades of experience, continues to produce compelling music.

“Wooden Bridge” is a collaboration with This Side of Wednesday, exploring themes of intent and loss through poignant lyrics and an emotional narrative. Accompanied by This Side of Wednesday’s ethereal vocals and Kabir Green’s robust bass playing, the track creates a powerful story of liberation and the importance of maintaining relationships.

Conversely, “Lizard Skin” is a nostalgic piece reminiscent of Tears for Fears and The Cure, crafted with Dylan Lounsberry’s expertise in guitar and string arrangements. The instrumental composition reflects on the evolving expectations of fatherhood, a theme inspired by the musicians’ experiences with their children’s reptilian pets.

Zaninovich cites influences from Michael Kiwanuka, War on Drugs, The Cure, and The National, aiming for his music to provide solace and connection. He discusses his unique approach to production, emphasizing distant sounds, subtle vocals, and atmospheric elements that enhance the listening experience.

The release of “Vol. 1 of the Singles Series” marks another step in The Sizzos’ journey of musical exploration, blending heartfelt narratives with evocative soundscapes to create a unique auditory experience.