Urban Vibes, Lively Visuals, And Hot Sounds: DYLI Releases A Music Video For “New Bag”

Newly-emerging urban artist DYLI dropped a music video for her already-successful single “New Bag.” With a perfect combination of street style and Hip-Hop/R&B sounds, this astonishing work gives the viewer an insight of what real life in California looks like! 

The well-produced music video shows colorful images of graffiti drawings, as well as DYLI singing and dancing with her girl squad, creating an urban atmosphere throughout the video. By proper usage of camera angles and a detailed choice of shots and scenes, this music video is a perfect example of how an artist should use visuals to transfer a song’s vibe to the audience in the most appealing possible way. 

DYLi has a whole career ahead of her, and both the “New Bag” single and music video give us a right to assume that we are going to hear a lot about this promising artist in the future.