3LAU announces world’s first fan-owned song to coincide with launch of new NFT platform

No blind eye has been turned to the undeniable spike in blockchain and NFT technology taking over the virtual world, especially within the dance music community. At the forefront of the wave, 3LAU first launched his tokenized NFT album, Ultraviolet and subsequently garnered a record-breaking $11.6 million that earned him a spot on Cointelegraph’s Top 100 Notable People In Blockchain. Now, the pioneering producer makes his next move as he offers fans the chance to invest in his next drop and what will be the first of many fan-owned songs.

Having raised $16 million, 3LAU has set forth to bring the world the future of the music industry with a new platform, Royal. Royal will tokenize royalty-generating assets, empowering fans to buy ownership in songs and receive a share of royalties. The first drop to coincide with the platform’s launch will be an upcoming single from 3LAU himself, “Worst Case,” set to land in October. Signup for early access here.

Check out the video below for more information on Royal.

Featured image: 3LAU/Instagram