Disney confirms 'Tron 3' in development, Daft Punk favored to return for score

Disney has officially confirmed a third installment in the long-running Tron franchise is in development. The news comes ten years after the series’ sequel, Tron: Legacy and 38 years after the franchise’s initial installment. The confirmation comes after a planned Tron television series helmed by John Ridley set to stream on Disney+ was scrapped, and while the details on the project are scarce, sources report the film is likely due to lean more into sequel territory than a reboot. The project has also reportedly secured a lead in Jared Leto.

Whether Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, and the rest of the cast will reprise their roles remains to be seen. Though perhaps more tantalizingly, Disney is hoping the film’s director Joseph Kosinski will return for the third installment, as well as Daft Punk for a sequel to their iconic Tron: Legacy score. While directorial duties and Daft Punk’s involvement are far from confirmed and just speculative as of now, Kosinski’s 21st century modernization of the Tron universe and Daft Punk’s inimitable sonics are what brought the 2010 film to life. Both seem like necessary components to a third Tron installment, and seem to be Disney’s favored targets. Now the waiting game begins.

H/T: The Disinsider