Drake confirms he is working on a "fresh" new studio album [Watch]

Drake has been “Toosie Sliding” his way into the studio as of late to turn his attentions to the follow-up to his 2018 double disc LP, Scorpion. “I’m working on the album, I’ve been working on it for awhile now,” Drake said during his guest appearance on Diddy‘s coronavirus combating digital dance-a-thon on April 12.

Quarantine has afforded the self-proclaimed 6 God a sense of focus that he might not have under normal circumstances, Drake explained, allowing him to really hone in on the album’s production. The unmediated attention that Drake can now pay to the project, which currently remains nameless, is not unfamiliar to him. Drake recalled the rest that compulsorily followed an ACL injury in 2009 and its positive impact on the album that was then in the making, Thank Me Later.

“The last time I had to sit down was when I tore my ACL [in 2009], and I made a great album out of that. Obviously God has us all inside the house right now.”

The chart-topping megastar went on to say that he is, “the most excited [he’s] been about an album in a long time,” and also disclose that the LP’s sound is “fresh and brand new.”

At present, it is unclear when Drake intends to release the album, how complete it is, and the format that the production will take, as in, the possibility of another double LP up his sleeve. Of note, Drake said that the album represents “probably the most music [he’s] been sitting on,” so fans can justifiably expect a hefty offering.