Germany's World Club Dome hosts debut drive-in rave

As lockdowns and social distancing continues worldwide, many are left reminiscing about the live music industry pre-COVID-19. Fortunately, German company World Club Dome has found a creative solution to get live music to fans without compromising health and safety: drive-in raves.

World Club Dome partnered with BigCityBeats to host the first-ever drive-in rave on Friday, May 1. Hundreds of cars parked in uniform rows, lined up to catch a glimpse of the performers atop a decked out stage in the middle of a parking lot. Featuring full-scale pyrotechnics and massive lights, the stage production met the high visual standard ravers have grown accustomed to at shows and festivals.

Native German DJ Le Shuuk and supporting acts Tiefblau, Plastikfunk, and Topic soundtracked the night, creating a proper European club atmosphere. Music was transmitted to cars via FM radio for a clear listening experience. World Club Dome has said that following the success of their drive-in rave debut, they have plans for future events that abide by social distancing regulations.

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Featured Image: World Club Dome