Jerro, Shallou team up on This Never Happened with awaited Foundations Tour ID, ‘Breaking Apart’

Few things go better together than Jerro and This Never Happened. And when Shallou is tossed into the mix, it’s a melodic house concoction made in heaven. Jerro had been playing out a pair of IDs during his headline Foundations Tour, and after “Give It Up” with Lyrah was set free back in March—listeners had been clamoring for the second of the two’s release. According to Jerro, both him and Shallou had been supporting each others music for a while—including the former’s remix of “High Tide”—and they finally got together at a studio in Los Angeles in June of last year before quickly realizing they had “something special” on their hands. Jerro called it “a dream” to collaborate with Shallou, and surely followers of each can attest that the end result could be described in the exact same way.

“Breaking Apart” is a masterclass in the genre of melodic house, featuring Jerro’s signature emotive touch that’s complimented by Shallou’s production on this perfectly even collaborative effort. It marks the first joint effort between the two but shouldn’t really come as a surprise to fans after Jerro’s remix of Shallou’s The Long Way Home cut got an official release in 2022. And “Breaking Apart” extends a release roll for one of the preeminent flag bearer’s for Lane 8‘s label—following his collaboration with Lyrah and his three-headed melodic house supergroup on “Lost” with Le Youth and Lizzy Land—while it marks Shallou’s label return after releasing “Raye” with Sultan + Shepard last year. Listen to Jerro and Shallou’s long-awaited crossover “Breaking Apart” below.

Featured image: Jerro/Instagram