Jordan John releases debut album ‘Who is Jordan John’

It’s a fair question. Jordan John recognizes that and his stirring debut album seeks to change things.

Jordan’s sound can most easily be defined as tribal, melodic and deep, exploring a wide range of style across the darker side of dance. Not quite sinister, but certainly ominous, Jordan uses the album’s 10 tracks to explore his many sonic signatures. It can’t be said enough — each track on the album is its own journey. At an average of 6 minutes long, Jordan isn’t shy about building anticipation and delayed gratification into his work. In a world where sub 3 minute songs are the norm, it’s refreshing to hear productions that take their time to come to life. And they come to life in a big way.

Every track on the album twists and changes gears, but never makes a wrong turn. The album opens in cinematic fashion, “Rise” opens slowly with orchestral tones and a rumbling bass that grows and growls. “2 See Jungle” leans into drums and tribal elements juxtaposed by trance synths. “Cove” and “Constellations” follow similar journeys — blending, bending and shapeshifting through genres and BPMs. Driving techno, blustery tribal house, big progressions, and progressive trance elements will lock you in for over an hour as they build, shift, drop and completely morph as the album marches on. And his sign off “Anticipate” pushes the BPMs and drive the point home — If you didn’t know who Jordan John was an before, you certainly will now.