Kaskade is streaming historic 2015 Coachella Set on Twitch – Mix Session

Festivals may not be happening right now, but that hasn’t stopped festival organizers from turning to virtual pop-up streaming festivals to honor events that would have been. Artists are also getting the most out of the live stream opportunity. Kaskade is the latest to join this contingency. Instead of performing a fresh live set, he is digging out an absolute gem from the archive, revisiting his historic 2015 Coachella performance live on his Twitch channel.

Kaskade’s 2015 Coachella performance was momentous for the artist and the dance music community at large thanks to the fact that he set a record for Coachella‘s largest crowd drawn at a performance in history up until that point. Getting a headlining Coachella slot alone was a watershed feat at the time. To draw a larger crowd than artists like Beyoncé or Kanye West was an even more impressive moment. The performance really showed mainstream America that electronic musicians were no longer niche artists. They were then commercially viable and sweepingly impactful artists whose music drew crows from all over. Kaskade will be performing the set live on Twitch at 6pm PST.

Featured image: Mark Owens