NIO releases ‘Horizon’ (feat. Casey Cook) on Proximity

Defining his unique sound as “Space Bass,” NIO’s third release serves as a cornerstone for the project’s essence and direction. The New Jersey-based producer carries on with his third consecutive release on Proximity, titled “Horizon,” featuring Casey Cook. Through Cook’s ethereal vocal performance, NIO showcases his polished production skills and vision, launching a fresh wave of sounds distinct from his previous work. The track combines futuristic, melodic bass lines and cinematic themes to amplify its potent message. It focuses on the optimism for the future and the anticipation of what tomorrow holds while acknowledging the challenges and heartaches that come with leaving the familiar behind. The skillfully produced single creates a radiant cosmic ambiance, emphasizing the themes of joy, hope, and exploration matched by the intense energy of Casey and co-writer Gracie Van Brunt’s captivating lyrics.