ODESZA meet with Yellow House for first EP in a decade, ‘Flaws In Our Design’

“Summer.” When asked to pick a singular adjective to describe their new EP, that was what ODESZA came up with. About a day before that, no one knew that ODESZA’s first EP since 2013’s My Friends Never Die even existed. And almost a year to the day—exactly 24 hours short to be exact—ODESZA are celebrating The Last Goodbye‘s birthday with a joint project alongside Yellow House, Flaws In Our Design.

The Foreign Family heads had already shared a glimpse into their self-described “psychedelic indie-dance” EP in the past month, delivering its first preview “Heavier” shortly after their bombshell teaser. And those that were fortunate enough to experience The Last Goodbye cinematic experience in theaters were given a small taste of Flaws In Our Design during the end credits.

ODESZA explained that the EP dates all the way back to 2019 when Yellow House made the trip to South Africa to Seattle for a weeklong studio session. They clicked immediately, resulting in a six-track EP that was only originally planned to be one or two collaborations. That sonic synergy was already more than palpable on “Heavier” and it’s even more crystal clear on Flaws In Our Design‘s remaining five cuts—”Dissolved In A Daydream, “Easy Money,” “Waiting Forever,” “Undone,” and its title track—with ODESZA verifying their previous description of it alongside Yellow House to provide an EP that seamlessly aligns with the height of summer. Stream Flaws In Our Design in its entirety below.