Raquel Kiaraa Releases New Album Defying Odds

From the success of her previous releases, Raquel Kiaraa, keeps on surprising fans with new hit tracks. Her new album titled Defying Odds puts Raquel on a whole new tier of fame. Displaying her oddly satisfying talents for the world to enjoy, the artist truly takes things to the next level.

The album carries a dream-like cut of sounds, only to be met with her mesmerizing vocals. The bouncing basslines and twinkling synths grow into a dramatic arrangement before the chugging natural voice of Raquel whisk the track off into an adventure.

The album features many familiar songs, such as “Release Me” and “We Know.” She highlights her raw vocals on every track, pleasing the notes and matching the nuance.

The album sees shimmering instrumentalism, evolving atmospherics, and sharp percussive elements, adding yet another sublime release to her rap sheet. She enjoys guiding listeners on an eclectic journey, at times boundless to genres.