Rob Edward Returns With A New Visual “Suit And Tie”

Rob Edward’s new song “Suit And Tie” is now out on all digital platforms, including a booming music video that has already gathered tens of thousands of views on Youtube. It’s following a meeting with the most notorious fentanyl dealer in the world that Rob began raising awareness on the issue, himself being an addict when he was younger. His struggle on the streets acted as a wake-up call to first get himself off the drug, but also sparked a desire to share his experience so that kids who listen to his song get inspired to either quit or never start such deadly addictions. 

In parallel, Edward has joined forces with Daniel Vivas Ceron with a mission to release exclusive content for the same purposes. “Suit And Tie” was co-produced by certified hitmaker Mike Mvjor and multi-platinum selling artist Iceberg Beatz. 

The song talks about the need to work hard for his family and friends, all positive messages set to inspire, motivate, and empower the youth.