The Chemical Brothers closing set at Glasgow’s TRNSMT was heard across three different towns, according to locals

Physically attending Glasgow’s TRNSMT Festival was not a prerequisite for enjoying The Chemical Brothers‘ closing performance at the event. Residents living as far as eight miles away in a nearby town called Renfrew reported being able to hear the performance with a variety of people posting their experience live during the show.

One Renfrew resident who goes by @xmirynkinloch on Twitter posted, “You could Shazam The Chemical Brothers from my bedroom window in Renfrew it’s that loud.”

The 50,000 person festival was one of Scotland’s first returns to large-scale events, taking place over three days from September 10 – 12. Renfrew residents were some of the many beneficiaries able to hear the show, with people across Glasgow and Crookston also sharing their experience.

“I’m 2.5 miles from the TRNSMT gig & right now The Chemical Brothers sound like they’re in my driveway,” tweeted a Glasgow resident.

Other artists who headlined the festival included Courteeners, Liam Gallagher, Snow Patrol, and Primal Scream. Ian Brown was also set to headline the festival, but dropped out last minute after denouncing the festival’s COVID policies.

Via: Glasgow Live

Featured image: Giles Smith