Traverse global cities' Top 25 charts with Apple Music's newest feature

Apple Music cordially invites its users to take a musical vacation with its newest add-on, City Charts. Following the tech giant’s release of iOS 14.5, Apple has unveiled a fresh, aesthetically charming feature on its leading DSP. As the world remains divided nearing the end of a pandemic, Apple Music’s newest launch instills a new means of connection with musical communities across the globe.

Apple Music continues to compete against Spotify for a major market share in the digital music streaming space, aided by its virtually monopolized operating system, and now, an intriguing new way to discover music. Updated daily, City Charts gives Apple Music users access to trending music from over 100 cities around the world. Traverse Los Angeles to Chicago, Brisbane to Budapest, Dublin to Cape Town, as Apple Music provides clickable postcards for nearly every major city. To celebrate the launch, Apple Music created a thread on Twitter to recognize every featured city.

Happy streaming!

Featured image: Billboard