What So Not emerges from hiatus with new Run the Jewels remix teaser

After taking the bulk of 2020 off to reenergize and recalibrate, What So Not took to Twitter to treat fans to a walk through of his new Run the Jewels remix that’s in the works. Breaking his longest period of radio silence with the new teaser, What So Not all but assures fans he’s ready to jump back into fray.

The song, “JU$T,” featuring Pharrell and Zach de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, is a formidable compilation of snappy bass synths and thundering trap tropes, and of course the zealous stylings of Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike. What So Not takes fans through the layered production process of the new remix, half-rhetorically baiting fans with the question of if he should finish the remix or not.

With a refreshed mind, ample time on the Australian coast this year, and some sweet bangs and a mullet to boot, What So Not could be patching together what sounds like an exciting comeback with a wave of new music led by a sharp remix of “JU$T” to get things going.