Blasterjaxx & Luciana unveil explosive collaboration: ‘BASS DON’T LIE’ !

Techno meets Big Room EDM in a powerhouse alliance as Blasterjaxx and Luciana drop their high-voltage track, “BASS DON’T LIE.” This dynamic fusion of Techno / Big Room and electronic beats is set to electrify the music scene upon its release through Maxximize Records – out now!

Brace yourselves for an adrenaline-pumping experience as these acclaimed artists push sonic boundaries. With pulsating rhythms and infectious energy, this banger of a tune promises to dominate playlists worldwide. Stay tuned for the sonic revolution and get ready to surrender to the undeniable force of “BASS DON’T LIE.”

In the heart of the night, a wild heart emerges, a samurai slicing through the darkness. The rhythm ignites a fire within, an unrelenting force that surges through veins. The bass doesn’t whisper; it screams truth. It’s a headrush, a body ablaze with the sheer power of sound.

I’m a wild heart, I’m a samurai, cutting through the night because the bass doesn’t lie. Feel the rush, feel the fire, shaking up everything because the bass doesn’t lie.