Nique Got-It- “All My” Video

Some rappers make music to inspire and motivate, sharing their successes and highlighting their rise to the top. Others create music simply chronicling their struggles. Nique Got-It’s latest single, “All My” is a striking blend of both, showcasing the stark contrasts of highs and lows of being a product of a drug-ridden community and current life of fame and success through music, essentially turning nothing into something.

Opening the song with an airy melodic soundscape, the heavy trap-like bass immediately permeates the air, followed by Nique Got-It’s fiery raw testimony, effortlessly riding the beat.

Nique Got-It presents something sonically different as an artist from the Midwest, as his music is more reminiscent of a southern artist and a nod of respect to his favorite artist, Yo Gotti.

His diverse delivery transcends regional barriers and offers listeners and fans an array of musical ingenuity.

Receiving accolades from many Hip Hop greats, Nique Got-It has what it takes to push Michigan to the forefront of rap music.

Check out the video for “All My” above!