Beatport adds new genre, Organic House/Downtempo

Beatport has announced the addition of Organic House/Downtempo to its genre list in an effort to address the “trend towards deeper, more meditative, and occasionally slower shades of house music in various music scenes around the world.”

Some of the first tracks to top the new genre’s chart include works from Lost Desert, Jean Vayat, and Hraach. According to Beatport, these songs and others like them used to be categorized across the electronica, deep house, melodic house, techno, and afro house genres, none of which quite captured the ethos of Organic House/Downtempo, which is often marked by slower BPMs, tribal sounds, and wooden drums.

Listeners can acquaint themselves with the new, Beatport-backed genre via a playlist developed by the platform to introduce the sounds of Organic House/Downtempo to those unacquainted with it. Listen here.

Featured image: Roger Stone Nadel Photography