Cloonee debuts ‘Hotter Than Hell’ compilation on Hellbent Records

The Hellbent Records‘ label boss has unveiled his debut compilation, Hotter Than Hell. Fresh off the highly anticipated release of “Fine Night,” Cloonee‘s Hellbent Records has proved to be more than an outlet of releasing music. A showcase for his recruitment skills of the next wave of emerging artists, Hotter Than Hell includes singles from Andruss, Hot Bullet, ItaloBros, and more. When asked about the some of the most popular tracks from the VA, Cloonee believes “every song [he signs] is one [he has] played live, so technically all of them are popular tracks from [his] sets!” Outside of his own catalog, Cloonee utilizes Hellbent to its full extent–regularly providing the hottest records for his own DJ sets.

With a summer schedule that’s rivaled by only a select few, there are no questions that Cloonee is ascending to the top of the house pyramid. With dates at nearly every Ibiza club venue, it’s clear that every residence party wants a piece of Cloonee’s rise to stardom. Pioneering the new wave of Latin inspired tech-house, Hotter Than Hell shows his influence across artists hailing from Mexico, Italy, Brazil and more. Hot Bullet’s “Want Some” uses a well-known sample to add substance, Andruss’ “Boa Abelhina” engages a simplistic bassline to keep the head shaking and the hips moving, and Teko‘s “Perreo” deploys an addictive vocal chop to raise the energy.

While many record labels aim to release songs either as singles, EPs, or albums, Hellbent has differentiated themselves with the rare VA, also known as Various Artists. Larger than an EP but smaller than a full album or collaborative mix-tape, Cloonee “feels like it’s a great way to solidify the sound and direction of the label as we grow and move throughout the year.” By giving the fans a chunk of music rather than releases every other week, Hotter Than Hell “introduces new artists to the label who have upcoming full EPs or single releases.” Spanning 8 tracks in total, stream Hotter Than Hell below.

Featured image: Cloonee/Instagram