Cymasphere: A New Complex Chord Generator


Our latest YouTube video covers a new chord generator app, Cymasphere.

Without a doubt, Cymasphere looks confusing! But watch the video to end and you should get an idea of how to use it, as it’s an incredible harmony engine that intelligently generates chord voicings and melodic sequences using scales as its source.

If you’re thinking “What about ChordJam” or “Captain Chords” or “Scaler” then yes – this is sitting in a similar space.

However, Cymasphere goes far deeper, especially on the theory.

The background of the people behind it is studying jazz at Berklee, and it shows. They have the albums to prove it! It feels like no stone or chord inversion is left unturned.

And once you get familiar with the app, you can really stretch your harmony. Let’s dive in and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube to Attack!

Download Cymasphere for free.

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11th January, 2024