Deadmau5 and Steve Duda revive BSOD project, deliver four-track 'No Way, Get Real' EP

Deadmau5 and Steve Duda bring back their BSOD collaboration with an all new four-track EP, No Way, Get Real, 14 years after the joint project’s last delivery. The act first formed in 2005 as a joke between the two friends though the pair would ironically go on to top the Beatport charts with their first track “This Is the Hook”—a parody of popular dance music with vocoded tongue-in-cheek lyrics, “I like the bass, it’s catchy, you like it” and “this is the hook, it’s catchy, you like it.”

Although No Way, Get Real doesn’t have lyrical content, the gritty sound design and hard-hitting electro house hooks take center stage in four well-crafted mau5trap exports.

“Afterburner” is a masterful intro with an anthemic build, broken up by hypnotizing synths that bounce along a sharp percussion arrangement. “Allpassing Lane” runs with a funky walking bass line wile sparkling accents dance around the gritty lead. “Fives” lands as the project’s longest track, polished by anticipatory builds towards more electro-symphonic tension. A glimpse of the duo’s humor can be seen in “Pitches Love Me”—a barrage of hefty glitches that ultimately culminate into hard electro-funk.

Featured image: Matt Barnes