Elae Weekes and Michael Fiya drop hip hop, pop, dance hybrid with a powerful message

Emanating positivity, “Sometimes” is a collaborative creation from Boston-based Elae Weekes and New York’s Michael Fiya. The house-inspired pop beat is a testament to the deft production skills of the man behind the mixer — London’s Jaylotus.gtk. Drawing inspiration from the pulsating soundscapes of the 90s, “Sometimes” seamlessly merges introspective themes with lively instrumentals. The magic of this song lies in its unique expression — it deftly interweaves the individual styles of both artists into a harmonious output. Through their expressive hip hop verses, both Weekes and Fiya share stories of personal growth and surmounting adversity. These narratives, coupled with the song’s hopeful undertone, create a vivid sonic journey that resonates deeply.

A wholly unique output — the song interweaves both artists unique styles but”Sometimes” is more than just a summer hit; it’s an anthem of overcoming the present to step into a brighter future.