Eric Prydz takes on Anyma, Chris Avantgarde’s ‘Consciousness’ for first remix since 2019

What do the revelatory electronic tracks “Consciousness,” “Breathe,” “The Veldt,” and “Midnight City” have in common? A remix from progressive house demigod Eric Prydz, of course. With only four official remixes in the last 10 years, fans know a Prydz revision is a celebrated, momentous occasion. Indeed, the “OPUS” originator chooses wisely. The original songs from his remix collection typically reside in electronic hit city before Prydz adds his golden, progressive touch. While “Midnight City” may have been a rework of a dance pop anthem, his remaining previous three remixes all derive from the more melodic and deep side of progressive house.

Premiered at the first year of Creamfields South festival in June, many fans were surprised to see a remix of Anyma and Chris Avantgarde‘s “Consciousness.” One half of Tale of Us, Anyma’s solo career climbs higher on the global totem pole with a remix from an international player like Prydz. Having become a staple in the Swedish legend’s set over the last few months, the remix received a Prydz complement with a specially curated 2021 Supercell and HOLO visual appendage. Using the words “system failure” in multiple languages and futuristic space graphics, the remix of “Consciousness” encapsulates artificial intelligence in a new form of dance music and visuals.

Dancing Astronaut was present for Tomorrowland Weekend 2’s HOLO performance. “Consciousness” was easily one of the most memorable moments of the set. A heavily European crowd in attendance, people roared with excitement when the distinct, resounding synths of “Consciousness” came unannounced from a chilling and entrancing melody. Outside of the lyrics and heavy synths of Anyma’s original, Prydz’s rework brings ample originality. The original starts with vocals almost immediately, while Prydz lets his progressive sound work in, before allowing only a portion of lyrics to bleed through. Instead of letting the synths continue over the first drop of the remix, Prydz opts for a much softer and continuous route. Taking the listener and viewer on a journey, the second half of the song includes the discernible synths over the bassline and feels much faster as the song thumps with energetic kicks. The result is another dancefloor-ready remix that will certainly ring true for years to come, keeping in mind its creators reputation. Stream “Consciousness” Eric Prydz remix below.

Featured image: Tomorrowland/Instagram

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