First socially distanced music venue to open in Newcastle

Virgin Money Unity Arena, to be situated at Newcastle Racecourse in Gosforth Park, is poised to be the United Kingdom‘s first socially distanced music venue and will reportedly open in Newcastle, England in August. The organizers behind the transformation of Newcastle Racecourse into a guideline-abiding music space include the coordinators of This Is Tomorrow Festival, SSD Concerts, and Virgin Money.

Together, these teams have arranged for 500 individual viewing areas on raised platforms, each separated by six feet of space, for individuals and small groups. They have also used the outdoor space at the race track for Virgin Money Unity Arena’s first trial run, and plan to make food, drinks, and restrooms available to patrons through a one-way routing system. In total, Virgin Money Unity Arena is expected to accommodate a maximum of 2,500 attendees.

The summer lineup is slated to drop on July 7 and will span a variety of acts, including DJs and other musicians, comedians, and family entertainers. Further details such as ticketing information have yet to be released, but will soon follow the lineup announcement.

Featured image: Virgin Money Unity Arena