Fyre Festival reaches settlement in lawsuit involving Blink-182, Major Lazer, and more

Fyre Festival is the music industry disaster that cannot seem to escape headlines. Ever since the luxurious island getaway went viral for its utter failure to deliver on any of the experiences promised for the purchase of a ticket, Fyre Festival has been the subject of many controversies. From official merchandise being auctioned off by the federal government, to Ja Rule announcing a forthcoming “Fyre 2.0,” the developments seemingly never cease. Now, following the filing of 14 lawsuits last December, Fyre personnel have officially settled with acts originally booked to perform, including Blink-182, Major Lazer, Pusha T, and more.

Gregory Messer, the trustee overseeing Fyre Media’s $26 million bankruptcy, is on a mission to recoup funds paid to performers and online personalities prior to the festival’s implosion. So far, $360,000 has been collected. Creative Artist Agency, which represents Blink-182, was paid $585,000, $135,000 of which has now been returned to the trust.

Popular electronic artists on Paradigm’s roster such as Disclosure and Major Lazer were paid $1.5 million, of which $225,000 has been recouped by Fyre. Other noteworthy names included in the suit are Pusha T, Desiigner, and Tyga, who collectively returned $95,000 of the $730,000 paid to their representation, Nue Agency. Out $26 million at present, Messer still has a long way to go to get finances returned.


Featured image: Amanda Brooks/Vogue