Gian Varela sheds light on ‘The Other’ on his debut EP ‘L.O.C.’

Latin producer Gian Varela didn’t just stumble upon dance music; he discovered an alternative universe – “La Otra Cultura” (L.O.C.), Spanish for “The Other Culture”. His love for this genre sparked a journey, leading him to weave the rich tapestry of traditional Latin culture with electronic beats into his music. His latest EP, “L.O.C.”, is a testament to this journey, featuring six tracks that encapsulate the harmony of Latin melodies and contemporary electronic sounds. Varela’s EP is an ode to Latinos who cherish their heritage but also draw inspiration from beyond Latin culture. It’s about embracing diversity, challenging stereotypes, and celebrating the love for a genre not native to Latin America. His EP features six tracks spanning afro house to intense tech house, offering a perfect reflection of his diverse sound palette.

Fans are already swaying to the rhythm of “Ponme Loco” featuring Laidback Luke and Melfi, and “Party Sexo Alcohol”, with its sultry lyrics against a backdrop of compelling house beats. These tracks, along with the recently released single “Lo Que Siento” featuring Tom Enzy and the brand new “Papi” with Chuwe, are set to make everyone feel the pulse of the dancefloor.