I AM releases 12-minute melodic journey ‘TTT’

I AM’s latest release “TTT” shirks off the 2-minute track trend to create a melodic house journey that spans over 12 minutes of robust electronica. Created over the course of six years, “TTT” is not just a club track, but a journey that delves into self-belief, self-discovery, and the uncharted territories of our deepest emotions.

The journey of I AM is one of progression and evolution, brought to life over the length of the sonically shifting single. While EDM forms the foundation of I AM’s sound, he seamlessly infuses dance-able soundscapes with pop polish into all of his work. On “TTT” his love for a diverse range of styles is on full display. Opening with environmental noise that places you in a bustling crowd, he spends over a minute slowly building anticipation before a swirling soundscape of chirpy synths and classic house finesses sink in their hooks and a vocal sample implores listeners to more deeply explore their inner world.