Instagram to implement '90-second rule' on livestreams to deter copyright infringement

As livestreamed DJ sets skyrocketed exponentially in the face of COVID-19 (so much so that Mix Session is now compiling a regular guide), every major platform that allows for those streams has had to adjust. Facebook is now offering pay-to-watch streams, and its photogenic counterpart, Instagram, has also made adjustments by applying a ’90-second rule’ in an effort to cut down on copyright infringement. Users will only be allowed to play 90 seconds of the copyrighted material before being kicked off the stream.

When the streaming stampede was gaining momentum, many DJs who were hungry for a chance to spin quickly realized that Facebook was shutting them down abruptly for playing music not owned by the user. Not surprising as multinational corporations like Facebook can’t risk the misuse of content on their site. Being a subsidiary of the tech-giant, it was only a matter of time before Instagram followed suit.

This 90-second rule includes a pop-up that warns users when they are approaching the limit, but there are certain genres like progressive and techno where such strictures aren’t realistic when playing a proper set. As a mediator, Facebook is encouraging users to draw from  Facebook’s Sound Collection an archive of samples and tracks that they own and are free to use for everyone.

Check out the new guidelines for pairing music with video that Instagram released to get the specifics on this new rule.