Hear IGOR360’s Highly Anticipated Electronic ‘PivoT EP’ EP and ‘Merged Subjects’ Video

GOR360’s new EP “PivoT” is absolutely incredible. It’s packed with tracks that are both laid-back and deeply expressive, blending musical genres and cultural influences in a way that’s totally fresh. Each song is a journey, inviting listeners to feel and experience music on a whole new level.

Igor Elie-Pierre, or IGOR360, didn’t just pop up overnight. Starting out in the fashion world, his knack for creating stunning visual identities and multisensory branding set him apart. Based in Paris, New York City, and Toronto, he’s always been ahead of the curve, merging art and technology seamlessly. His mission is to bring more humanity into the digital realm, making connections feel real and authentic.

Igor’s work has been praised for its emotional impact and innovative approach. His latest project, “Merged Subjects,” an avant-garde dance film, is choreographed by top contemporary dancers and is just another example of his groundbreaking creativity. This project takes dance and infuses it with more meaning, additionally highlighting about sparking a deeper understanding of empathy and connection in our digital age.

IGOR360 is pushing things forward with how we experience art and technology. Dive into “PivoT” and the world of IGOR360, and prepare to be blown away.

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