Live 12 Meld Video Walkthrough


Live 12 is full of new features and devices. One of those is Meld, the new bi-timbral synth inspired by the world of Euro-rack. It’s a modulation monster and takes some getting used to. We run through it step by step.

Live 12 has been here a week now. That’s enough time for everyone to get used to the new browser filter system! If comments and threads are anything to go by, it’s certainly one of the more divisive updates.

But where there’s little doubt is the two new devices, Meld and Roar are great. In this video we’re foucinsg on Meld a new synth crafted by a team led by Christian Kleine and Rob Tubb.

Meld draws inspiration from the adaptability and versatility of modular synthesis. Its dual engines and extensive library of pre-designed complex oscillators open up a world of possibilities. But it can also go wrong quickly, and backtracking can be like untangling a patch bay one thing at a time!

The main takeaway is that scale awareness is powerful, very powerful and this video examines this topic.

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12th March, 2024