Lost Frequencies crafts his third artist album ‘All Stand Together’

“All Stand Together,” the eagerly anticipated third album from Lost Frequencies, cements Felix De Laet’s place in the electronic music pantheon. Following the success of 2016’s “Less Is More” and 2019’s “Alive And Feeling Fine”, the new LP arrives with a lot of expectations. And it delivers. Over the course of 11 tightly crafted tracks, De Laet taps collaborators old and new to Lost Frequencies to craft a journey of feel-good electronica and dance-pop joviality.

The album kicks off with “No Limit” featuring Zak Abel, setting a tone and signaling that Lost Frequencies is not just revisiting his past glories but advancing his artist form. The title track, “All Stand Together,” lands as an anthem of unity and resilience, a theme that resonates throughout the album.

“Dive” with Tom Gregory stands out as a highlight. A track that encapsulates the beauty of collaboration — a dreamy, yet potent melding of two talents. Gregory’s vocals blend seamlessly with the Lost Frequencies’ sound. Tom Gregory himself described the collaboration as a natural and destined partnership.

The album’s emotional range deepens on tracks like “Back To You” with Elley Duhé & X Ambassadors, and “The Feeling.” Two deeply emotional singles, while “Leave You In The Past” with Netsky, and “Just Wanna Know” with Declan J Donovan, continue this introspective exploration on with two of the album’s more dance-able cuts. “Where Are You Now” with Calum Scott and “Questions” with James Arthur are prime examples of Lost Frequencies’ ability to weave emotive storytelling into his music. The album closes with “Fall At Your Feet,” a poignant ending and a fitting conclusion to an album that’s both a celebration of musical growth and proof of the power of collaboration.

For fans familiar with his previous works, this album is a delightful progression, and for newcomers, a compelling introduction to the world of Lost Frequencies.