Madeon delivers fitting finale to ‘Good Faith’ era, ‘Gonna Be Good’

It’s “Gonna Be Good.” With the Good Faith story coming to a close at some point in 2023—with its current final date planned for Red Rocks this October—Madeon is likely delivering the final musical piece to his sophomore album’s era. And that comes in the form of an ID that’s been sitting at the top of our wishlist since the moment a video popped up on Twitter of its grand unveiling during the first-ever Good Faith Forever show back in March of 2022. 15 months later, “Gonna Be Good” is finally out.

It goes without saying that there truly could not have been a more fitting production to properly send off the Good Faith era that dates all the way back to May of 2019. Simply Madeon at his finest, “Gonna Be Good” was a highlight moment towards the end of each and every Good Faith Forever set, with him also reassuring those searching for its live form that there’s “a lot more coming.” Rejoice and stream “Gonna Be Good” in all its glory.

Featured image: Bryan Kwon