Electro-pop duo BOY2K release their debut EP ‘Y2K Is Dead’

Seamlessly marrying genres as varied as house, techno, nu-disco, and pop, BOY2K’s mission statement is twofold: to stimulate physical movement, and to provoke critical reflection on our collective existence. A collaboration between the LA-based songwriter and producer Boy Apocalypse and the alt-pop recording and visual artist Boy Untitled, the duo craft what they define as “resistance music.” Their discography is a kaleidoscopic tapestry of sound that tackles diverse themes – technology’s grip on modern life, the nuances of social media, the multifaceted nature of sexuality, and beyond.

As the 2K would imply, these electro-pop architects imbued their debut EP ‘Y2K is Dead’ with the sonic fingerprints of trailblazers like Sofi Tukker, PNAU, Empire of The Sun, Scissor Sisters, and AR/CO. ‘Y2K Is Dead’ is both a riotous battle cry and an ode to the revolutionary, uniting force of dance music. The delightfully produced 4-track EP ends too soon. But doesn’t lose any of its luster on a repeat play. Each track takes its own unique spin on the sounds of their electro-pop predecessors with a brand new finish that feels fresh and exciting. ‘Y2K is Dead’ lands as a fresh point of view on a nostalgic sound.

In the heart of BOY2K’s artistry lies their mission: to craft “Music For The People”. Music that paints a vibrant tapestry of community; one woven with threads of mutual support, love, and acceptance, but most crucially, a rhythm that drives its listeners to rise and dance like hell.