Mathame deliver long-awaited debut album, ‘Memo’

“We waited together for three years.” At long last, Italian brother-duo Mathame have shared their debut album Memo. The brothers’ first-ever LP spans 14 tracks in length, with nine new additions joining 5 pre-release singles. “To Hope” marked the first preview of Memo, with “Feel Your Ghost” with Tiësto coming as the the latest single and arguably Mathame’s single most exciting record to date. And Memo finally delivers upon some of their most-requested IDs, guiding a journey that will be shared with the world of music and pioneering a cinematic form of melodic techno as the Italian brothers increasingly turn heads with their latest project.

After becoming a household name from years on Dancing Astronaut’s 2022 Label of the Year, Afterlife, Mathame decided they to go through a different outlet to share Memo. With a story that spans far beyond than just their days as producers on Afterlife, the brothers were once a classical violinist and an award-winning film director, respectively, adding that the album was “a process that tries to translate and express personal memories with the hope of building as many memories for the audience.” And Mathame turned long and tedious hours of work into an inspirational LP that draws on their experiences that have lead them to today.

In addition to their chilling, melodic music, the LP’s artwork extracts creativity from the brothers’ love for Sci-Fi and classical art. Originally released as a single in October 2022, “Come For You” started the run of futuristic, psychedelic artwork on the records. Since then, their narrative has only continued to be built from an audio-visual perspective. Memo shows extensive depth and cannot be contained to any single genre or style of music. “Dance To Death,” “Run Boy,” and “There Is A Light” are uplifting, exhibiting trance qualities while tracks like “The Doors,” “So What,” and “Tomorrow” take a more club-like tone. “Unreality” reels in with a slow introduction before quickly turning dark while “Back Home” may be the hidden gem of the LP’s tracklist, featuring Damien Jurado‘s vocals over a charming, never-ending melody.

As a whole, Memo encapsulates three years of work that needs to be listened to more than just once. Every replay of each song brings upon subtle production details that could have been glossed over. Memo is nothing short of a true cinematic art piece is available to stream below.

Featured image: Mathame/IG