Matroda drops ‘Jack The House 4 EP’

With hundreds of millions of streams to his name, Matroda’s sonic signature has helped shape modern tech house dance floors since he first appeared on the scene. His latest, ‘Jack The House 4 EP’ is more of what makes him popular, a deep dive into an ever-evolving, club-forward style. ‘Jack The House 4’ effortlessly captures his stylistic nuances, kickstarting thing with “My Mind,” a perfect encapsulation of Matroda’s production instincts. A fusion of vintage house vocals and thumping basslines, it sets the tone the rest of the outting. “Can’t Fight The Feeling” serves up a refined elegance, with piano chords at its rhythmic core. “I Want It” is a rollercoaster of sound and “In The Air” transports you straight to a shadowy dance floor. “Pump Up The Volume” escalates the energy, juxtaposing lively piano with riveting drops, and the EP’s conclusion – “Talk To Me” a collaboration with TOBEHONEST, is a harmonious way to seal the whole thing shut.