Mike Posner laments Avicii's death, reveals collection of unfinished collaborations with star producer

Mike Posner and Avicii did a lot more together than “I Took a Pill In Ibiza,” though sadly, the close friends and collaborators’ unfinished material may never see the light of day. Recently, Posner took to Twitter revealing he’s sitting on a collection of unfinished work with the fallen superstar producer, remarking that the work makes him feel “grateful and sad at the same time.”

Avicii and Posner reportedly worked on numerous projects together, though the pair only ever got to follow up with “Stay With You.” The collaboration never gained official release, despite high demand for the track. Though, following Avicii’s death in 2018, his family and co-producers came together to finish his award-winning posthumous LP TIM, meaning the pretense of Posner’s unfinished Avicii collaborations gaining official release one day is not entirely impossible.