Moët recalls champagne bottles containing lethal doses of MDMA

If you didn’t think the world could get any stranger, think again. Moët has recalled bottles of their Imperial Ice champagne in Europe due to lethal traces of MDMA detected in the French winery’s product.

Upon ordering a £430 Moët bottle at the La Vita restaurant in Weiden, Germany, Harald Georg Z passed away after consuming a highly contaminated glass of sparkling wine. Although the toxicological investigation pertaining to his death is currently underway, European publications allege that drug smugglers are to blame for emptying out Moët champagne bottles and filling them with liquid MDMA. At present, Georg Z is the sole casualty of the tainted champagne, but 12 individuals have been poisoned after overdosing on the Schedule I substance by consuming the alcohol.

The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority reports that the breached champagne bottles’ extreme concentration of MDMA is, in fact, deadly, stating, “Touching and/or drinking the contents of the bottles is life-threatening.”

The Napa Valley Wine Auction (NWA) added,

“It is not known how the MDMA ended up in these bottles. [Authorities are] therefore unable to estimate whether there are any more of these bottles containing the hazardous substance in circulation. It cannot be ruled out that there are other bottles of the same brand in circulation that also contain MDMA.”

European health authorities have issued a public warning to look out for less-bubbly champagne. While they may not appear hazardous from the outside, contaminated bottles reportedly contain a reddish-brown liquid with an anise scent.

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