Pauline Herr converts EDC Las Vegas ID into Lost In Dreams original, ‘Lightyears’

Pauline Herr is back again. The former Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch had already stacked up her release scorecard in the first half of 2023, completing a five-sided EP on Sable Valley back in April on top of delivering pairings alongside Tisoki and ShockOne. Now, Herr is stepping back into the solo light after Monarch and winding back to her kineticFIELD debut this past may to convert her EDC Las Vegas ID into a Lost In Dreams original, “Lightyears.”

Coming on the heels of the reveal of her debut headlining show in Los Angeles this September, “Lightyears” is self-described as an “emotional anthem about finding your person, whether that’s a friend, a partner, a pet, or family.” And it marks the return of Herr re-embracing her triple-threat status, opting to fully employ her vocals on a track once more. The result made for an unforgettable moment on the Las Vegas Speedway back in May, with “Lightyears” taking Herr’s style into a blissful, trance-angled lane. Stream “Lightyears” below and purchase tickets for her headlining debut on September 29 here.

Featured image: Luis Colato