Pendulum to play live set from the English Channel

Pendulum are taking to the seven seas as the group continues its late 2020 takeover with a live show from Spitbank Fort, an ex-military base in the middle of the English Channel. The performance, to take place on October 2 at 7:00 a.m. EST / 4:00 a.m. PST, is expected to lay the sonic groundwork between 2012’s Immersion era and Pendulum’s direction in the new decade.

In a discussion with Metro, Pendulum frontman Rob Swire spoke about the group’s lasting significance:

“We left to make house music for a long time. That was a very different experience—making that music there’s going to be no one in 10 years saying, ‘God, you remember that track they made?’ As a genre, it’s very of the moment. That was refreshing because you could just make something and if it didn’t work, no one cared. A year later, you make something else and it’s just there, whereas Pendulum has always been a bit more considered. Getting back into that flow is kind of a process.”

The performance at Spitbank Fort follows the release of Pendulum’s “Nothing For Free” and “Driver” singles, and is rumored to be the platform for Pendulum to preview even more new music. Stream the event, as well as Pendulum’s older classics, on the group’s official Youtube channel.

Via: Metro