Project 91 to position Malaa behind Schimanski's decks for simmering live stint – Mix Session

After throwing open its doors anew to a bumbling Brooklyn crowd with a floor-scuffing eagerness to hear Wax Motif soundtrack Schimanski’s return on July 16, the borough favorite will continue its welcome back run on August 7 with a set from DJ Snake‘s Secret Room co-conspirator, Malaa. The Project 91 Presents-hosted affair saw a dip in the stock of available tickets immediately following its announcement, and with general admission entry to the event resting on the third and final tier, fans of the enigmatic “Ring The Alarm” collaborator are urged to brandish their cards to secure an evening padded with G-house, house, and all that’s in between before it sells out.

Project 91’s placement of Malaa behind Schimanski’s decks comes at time when the Frenchman’s touch is a blistering white-hot, what with “Ring The Alarm” and his recent “Praise” conversion in his back pocket, not to mention his mini-tour alongside DJ Snake, which serves as an ongoing live re-enactment of their Secret Room raiding from the quarantine days. Secure tickets to one of Brooklyn’s most sought-after stints of the summer calendar here.

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Featured image: Rukes